How Small of a Hole Can a Raccoon Get Through?

Raccoons are the mammal from the Procyonidae family. The most common thing among them because of which they are well known around the world is the structure of their hands which seems to be same as that of the humans, along with being like a humans' hand, their claws are pretty dexterous, they use them to prey their feedings. Like rats or mice, raccoons cal also appear at almost all places and can cause possible damages and create mess out of those places. They have got a life of almost two to three years, and they spend these years of their lives wandering around in search of their food. They will get into any place in search of their meal no matter if that place is surrounded by big and long trees or walls or anything resisting their way, they will just make it out to reach there. Raccoons are very clever and sometimes they could be very aggressive too. Along with preying several small animals for their food, they would also attack human beings if they have to snatch any food from them or if they found humans annoying them or being a hindrance in any of their missions.

What size of hole is enough for a raccoon to get through?

There would be many situations when you just stand amazed by seeing a raccoon in your house or your workplace. Because you would be pretty sure that there is no hole in those places so large that a raccoon can get through, but here it is. That moment might let you think that there must be magic behind the raccoons' presence at this place. But you will be amazed even more after finding the truth.

The raccoons can easily get through the hole with a diameter of about 4 inches minimum. Yes, that's true. These animals just face a little difficulty in passing their heads from the holes, once the head is successfully passed through the hole, they will get the rest of the body through it by anyway. The reason behind this is their actual size. These animals apparently look very big and fat due to the big amount of feathers or hairs on their bodies, without their hairs, they are actually not so big as they seem to be. Moreover their bodies are flexible enough to fit in small holes, and the silky feathers in their bodies also help them get through the holes easily.

Final thoughts

It is very clear from the above discussion that you should never believe that a small hole is not enough for a big raccoon to get through. Because they will make it possible by just a little struggle and would create many problems for you. In order to get rid of their presence everywhere you should thoroughly check all of the open places and holes at your place and get them cover properly to make it impossible for these annoying creatures to get through 

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